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refrigeration repair, maintenance, and sales in Fresno, CA
refrigeration repair in Fresno, CArefrigeration repair in Fresno, CA
We provide routine repairs for companies all over the Fresno area. Hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and food and beverage are just a few of the industries we provide quality refrigeration repair services to. If your company demands that you have walk-in coolers, refrigerated product shelves, and ice machines running 24/7, then give us a call when your equipment needs that extra touch. Call us now at (559)451-0188. We are usually able to provide same day service.

refrigeration sales in Fresno, CArefrigeration sales and installation in Fresno, CA
Is it time to replace some refrigeration equipment? Or maybe you are starting a new business or re-locating and need some updated, energy-efficient equipment? Let Indoor Quality Services give you a free consultation and price quote for your refrigeration needs. We use only the best refrigeration equipment in the business and we have the best prices around. From walk-in coolers, to ice machines, and more. Call us now for a free consultation, (559)451-0188.

refrigeration maintenance in Fresno, CArefrigeration maintenance in Fresno, CA
Did you know that the number one cause of refrigeration equipment failure is improper maintenance? If you are in need of a routine refrigeration system inspection, or are just looking to avoid costly repairs down the road, our friendly and professional IQS-certified technicians are standing by and ready to take care of your refrigeration needs. We have several plans available to fit the needs of the food and beverage, restaurant, super market, or convenience store industries.

Affordable Maintenance - All Plans Include:

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Fresno, CA
Heater Maintenance in Fresno, CA
Refrigeration Maintenance in Fresno, CA
Air Conditioning Maintenance in Clovis, CA

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